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Taiji Classes

Healing and Wellness with Tai Chi and Qigong


The study of Channeling Energy and Self-Empowerment through Tai Chi and Qigong (Chee-gong) will be explored, introducing students to eastern theory of cultivating energy (or "Chi") and what constitutes a daily practice. Each session will be divided into two parts with the first half in Tai Chi followed by a second half devoted to Qigong static sitting, standing, or moving meditative practices. Sessions will include definitions and theory of Energy Cultivation followed by guided practice. A major feature of these self-help systems will be the potential benefits for facilitating stress reduction, personal health, well being and life long learning.


OLLI Spring 2013 Tai Chi and Qigong for Modern Living
This six session course is an introduction to the basic theory and internal work necessary for an effective daily practice of Tai Chi and Qigong. Each session includes guided practices for learning to apply the underlying principles and gentle flowing movements of Tai Chi. Qigong warm-up exercises will be applied to stretch tendons, help open energy centers and joints and to regulate the body’s energy. The second hour will be devoted to guided meditation. As practitioners learn to clear blockages in their life-force energy, they will begin to tap into their natural powers of healing and disease prevention.

This 6 session program is designed to give individual practitioners of all disciplines who are interested in improving their health, wellness and life long learning.
Dates:   Tuesdays, Feb. 5, 12, 19, 26; Mar. 5, 12 (6 sessions)
Times:  1:00pm-3:00pm
Location: Japanese American Citizens League, 424 Adams St. downtown Monterey, 93490 (adjacent to Monterey Sports Center, Franklin St.)

Cost:  OLLI CSUMB Fee is $60 for classes, or if you are a member, this class may be used as one of the complimentary courses under the OLLI All-Inclusive, or Plum Membership.
OLLI Program students may register through the Michelle Hill, CSUMB. APPLY FOR TUITION REIMBURSEMENT THROUGH Michelle Hill, THE OLLI Program, CSUMB.
If you would like to learn more information on OLLI  please go to

Registration: Students registering with Monterey Bay Healing Tao, cost is $60 for the 6 sessions, $25 registration (Early Registration ends Sat. Feb. 2, 2013).


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For a full refund in classes registered with the Monterey Bay Healing Tao at
the JACL, cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to the start of the session.
There will be no refund for class fees after classes have begun.

***Private and group sessions available by arrangement. Tel: (831) 224-7071


Leonard Han is a lecturer in the Kinesiology Department at CSU Monterey Bay. An experienced, patient,
instructor offering personalized instruction, he has studied Taiji in China, taught Taijiquan, Qigong,
Martial Arts, Chinese Lion Dance (cultural performance art), painting, drawing and printmaking since
He is a certified instructor with the International Healing Tao under Qigong Grandmaster
Mantak Chia, and 59th Indoor Disciple of Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou,19th Gen. Direct Chen Family
Taijiquan Lineage. He is also certified with Dr. Paul Lam's Taiji for Arthritis Program.


Chen Style Taiji



  • 26 Chen Family Simplified Form.
  • Laojia Yi Lu (Old Frame First Form, 75 Postures). Master Chen Qingzhou Lineage.
  • Zhang Zhuang - Standing/Static Posture.
  • Taiji Qiu (Taiji Ball 18 Postures).


  • Information coming soon!


  • Lao Jia Er Lu - Pao Chui (Old Form Second Frame - Cannon Fist). Master Chen Qingzhou Lineage.
  • Weapons Forms.

Sun Style Taiji



  • Training will first begin with the short Sun Style Taiji form. An effective short form designed by Dr. Paul Lam, this form is especially beneficial for arthritis because it contains powerful qigong exercises to enhance healing and agile steps to improve mobility. Learning this form is appropriate for anyone who desires to develop better balance and flexibility.


  • Information coming soon!


  • Information coming soon!

Yang Style Taiji



  • Iron Shirt Qigong, Zhang Zhuang (Standing Posture/Embracing the Tree)
  • Tai Chi Chi Kung I (Taiji Qigong I): A short Yang-style energy form for development of Internal Power. Taiji Qigong I teaches the principles of body mechanics through the alignment of the bone structure with the force of gravity. This form is the art of effortless power, and recognizes that soft overcomes the hard; and the yielding conquers the rigid. Taiji Qigong I is a moving meditation where students learn how to direct chi with the mind, to effectively utilize internal energy, and become rooted to the earth. A simple short form with fewer movements to perform, makes it easier for the student to quickly progress from the initial stage of learning the outer form, to the beginning stages of the "Inner Structure of Taiji".


  • Tai Chi Chi Kung II (Taiji Qigong II): This second short form, Tai Chi Chi Kung II, is a simple, fast discharge, Yang-style energy form. In this form energetic movement that comprises the inner structure, will be emphasized. Student will learn how to move the entire body structure as one piece as well as how to discharge the energy from the Earth through the body structure. Single and double push-hands, and self-defence application will also be introduced.


  • Information coming soon!

Chinese Lion Dance


Lion Dance Class Fees: A monthly Lion dance class fee may be waived if
student has agreed to participate in arranged, contracted performances with Lion
Dance Team Director, Leonard Han. If student(s) prefer training only, with no
commitment to performing in events, fee is $60/month for class training; and $15/
monthly per each additional group.member.

Fees are due a week before the New Section begins. An email reminder may be
posted for the student, but the responsibility is on the student and/or their parents.
A 10% late fee will be assessed on class fees paid after the 10th of the month.

Taiji & Qigong class sessions: To be announced.

Make-Up Policy: For Taiji, Qigong and Lion Dance classes

Student should attend all the assigned class hours.

Students should notify the teacher ahead of time if unable to attend class.

We will work with students to identify opportunities to make up missed
hours in similar classes.

Student is expected to pay for the assigned class if they cannot make up
class. (applicable to Lion Dance if student is paying for classes)

In any event, we will not refund tuition for the missed class hours.

An exception to this policy occurs in summer sessions, if a class day is
cancelled due to an emergency/unexpected events.

Notify school of absence by phone or e-mail.

Payment Term Options: Pay by check or cash only. Checks payable to
"Monterey Bay Healing Tao". For a full refund, cancellations must be made 48
hours prior to start of the class session. There will be no refund for tuition/class
fees after classes have begun.






Chinese Lion Dance for Kidz



  • Information coming soon!


  • Information coming soon!


  • Information coming soon!

Tai Chi 4 Kidz


Tai Chi 4 Kids is a program for bringing balance and harmony to children. Exercise is an important part of everyone's day. It is very important that healthy habits, good exercise and good nutrition begins in childhood and adolescence. Good habits that begin in childhood, are more likely to be maintained in adulthood.

  • Tai Chi 4 Kids works well and can be easily applied to after school programs.
  • For intermediate grades 4th through 6th (ages 8-12).

Cost: $60/month

Location: JACL Schedule: TBA


Private Lessons


Accredited college credit Taiji courses are offered through the
Kinesiology Department at California State University Monterey Bay.
For course schedule and times, please check CSUMB’s current semester

Private lessons available by arrangement:

General Public: $60 per hour for each person; $20 per hour for each additional
person attending the session at the same time.

Current Students: $50 per hour for each person; $15 per hour for each
additional person attending the session at the same time.

***Private sessions will generally be determined based on the request of the student
and/or the discretion of the Teacher. Han Laoshi will determine the level of
training that best suits the student.



Qigong Classes

Qigong - Awaken Healing Energy


This class is designed to introduce students to a foundations of Taoist Qigong (pronounced "Daoist Chee-Gong") energy cultivation practices, a comprehensive self-help system called The Universal Tao. Developed an dbrought to America over thirty years ago by Qigong Master Mantak Chia, Healing Tao warm current meditation as these practices are known and believed to work, - awaken, circulate, direct and preserve the generative life force "Qi" ('Chi') through the major acupuncture meridians of the body.

These Qigong practices are part of larger system that was first developed by Taoist monks well over a thousand years ago. Continuing attention over the centuries developed the theory and practice often in close association with Traditional Chinese Medicine, which discoverd the importance of the flow through the body of the vital energy force known as "Qi".



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